According to “The Redskins Rule” Romney will be our next President

Minus the 2004 result, things aren’t looking so good for Bronco Bama this coming Tuesday.

“Redskins Rule” Predicts Winner of the Presidential Election

If this holds true we should have an early look at who our president is going to be 2 days before election day. 

ESPN – The “Redskins Rule” 18 for 18 in terms of predicting the presidential elections since 1940, a Redskins’ victory this Sunday over the Carolina Panthers would seem to indicate another term in office for Obama, while a Panthers win would bode well for Mitt Romney and the Republicans.

Year Presidential Election Redskins game Redskins
White House
2012 Obama (D) vs. Romney (R) Redskins vs. Panthers TBD TBD
2008 Obama (D) defeats McCain (R) Steelers def. Redskins,
Lose Lose
2004 Bush (R) def. Kerry (D) Packers def. Redskins,
Lose Keep *
2000 Bush (R) def. Gore (D) Titans def. Redskins,
Lose Lose
1996 Clinton (D) def. Dole (R) Redskins def. Colts,
Win Keep
1992 Clinton (D) def. Bush (R) Giants def. Redskins,
Lose Lose
1988 Bush (R) def. Dukakis (D) Redskins def. Saints,
Win Keep
1984 Reagan (R) def. Mondale (D) Redskins def. Falcons,
Win Keep
1980 Reagan (R) def. Carter (D) Vikings def. Redskins,
Lose Lose
1976 Carter (D) def. Ford (R) Cowboys def. Redskins,
Lose Lose
1972 Nixon (R) def. McGovern (D) Redskins def. Cowboys,
Win Keep
1968 Nixon (R) def. Humphrey (D) Giants def. Redskins,
Lose Lose
1964 Johnson (D) def. Goldwater (R) Redskins def. Bears,
Win Keep
1960 Kennedy (D) def. Nixon (R) Browns def. Redskins,
Lose Lose
1956 Eisenhower (R) def. Stevenson (D) Redskins def. Browns,
Win Keep
1952 Eisenhower (R) def. Stevenson (D) Steelers def. Redskins,
Lose Lose
1948 Truman (D) def. Dewey (R) Redskins def. Boston Yanks,
Win Keep
1944 Roosevelt (D) def. Dewey (R) Redskins def. Rams,
Win Keep
1940 Roosevelt (D) def. Willkie (R) Redskins def. Steelers,
Win Keep


* Though the incumbent party (Republican) won the election, which would break the rule, the incumbent party had not won the popular vote in the previous election (2000), thereby generating an alternate variant of the rule.

Obama ad uses Big Bird to attack Romney

A week after Big Bird became an unlikely character in the 2012 presidential campaign when Mitt Romney uttered his name in the first debate, the Obama campaign has approved a new ad that uses the “Sesame Street” character to attack the Republican nominee’s plan to cut federal funding for PBS.

Ok this is a little embarrassing.  I mean I get the point that he’s semi trying to make here, but to use Big Bird, an American icon in your campaign add is just absurd.  Other countries are watching this election closely and the leader of the free world just sent out an attack add using a 7 foot tall, talking big yellow bird.  Clean it up boys.
Im Wister Miggles and I approve this message