Tebow Email Leaked!!

As seen on Grantland.com this is hilarious. Touché. Well done.

Peyton, Papa Johns and Weed.

NESN – Throughout his career, Manning has been one of the most-endorsed athletes in sports, not only lending his name to products but also proving he’s an adept actor. So, in his continuing effort to set up his life post-football, the Super Bowl champion announced that he bought 21 Papa John’s pizza franchises in the Denver area Friday, according to The Associated Press.

Peyton Manning, The Don of Denver will be killing it with his newest investment as Colorado legalizes pot just a week after he brings Papa Johns to the house.

Call papa bear … hut hut

David’s Pizza Commercial

This video is all over the place today. Breaking it down:  How long has this guy held onto this pizza commercial idea? A 40+ David, Brady Bunch-esque feature squares along with a straight out of 1993 Boyz II Men button down shirt leads me to believe David has had this one in the queue for quite sometime now.. But I get it, It is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday David.. Nice Work.


needless to say, he killed this video.

P.S yes I called that number.

PPS – Doesn’t this guy look like a black version of Andre from the league?

NHL: At This Point, Do We Even Bother?

Now, don’t take this the wrong way; I am as big of an NHL fan as the next guy. I am just as bummed to be watching basketball rather than having a few cold beers in front of NHL network on my TV.. A little coaches corner, a little Don Cherry. I wanna hear the sweet words of O Canada,  following the Star Spangled Banner of course. However, is December too late to start a season, is there a point to start now, outside of “just playing the game”? We have already lost the Classic, which really is the only reason I look forward to New Years Day. Can you really judge a team on half a season? Is ‘The Cup‘ void if they play?  or will there be an asterisk next to the winners name? These are the questions we should have answered today.

Surely outside of my love for the sport one of the biggest reasons I would like to see some sort of season is for the crews of the arenas, they are losing out hard in this deal, these guys need the NHL to survive.. however I am sure Bettman is not in the least concerned about this.

Regardless, I voted today… I voted for the NHL. (Ha, that’s going to be my first paid endorsement.)

Nobody Puts Chachy in the Corner.

Fun – We Are Young – Remix

Allll Kinnndddssss of second hand embarrassment flowing through my body right now.

You know, just when I thought I had had enough of this song.. Ole floppy tits comes in and lays down a fresh rendition of Fun’s hit single.

At 2:01 I was hoping for a pothole to end this thing.

C’mon kid, If you’re going to videotape yourself singing a song at least take some notes from the Don:

How To Rip Off a Ticket Scalper

Wow! Using this one, these guys killed it. Great Idea.

Top 10 Ways To Smash A Pumpkin

Well Halloween is over. Which means, you have a shit ton of pumpkins on your doorstep, staircase, neighbors doorsteps… anyway you have a lot of pumpkins you need to get rid of.. Well here are the top 10 ways to smash a pumpkin:


Whoops, They forgot the number 1 way:

Ughhh Kate Upton.. You’ve Done It Again.

Kate Upton has once again outdone herself.

Great LSD Toilet Paper Prank.

Doin It:

Hilarious. Imagine your cleaning up getting ready to go back to your desk and youre hit with this bomb. pulling off paper and then you see this message was about 5 sheets in. you pull a couple more pieces off and then boom you’re frozen… “Did I just put LSD on my butt” someone had an interesting day from there on out  “is it true? or a prank? I don’t know.. man my coffee tastes like blueberries, why is my boss staring at me.  Get me out of this cubicle” meanwhile peg from three desks down is laughing her ass off.

Parking Deck Party

Wow what a great idea. Leave it to the kids at ASU for this innovative approach. Probably read about that structure collapsing on DailyMail next week.

Another NHL Lockout Video.

Not surprised this guy is a Canucks fan, nice manpris bro.


Key and Peele.. Nailed It.

Key & Peele nail pretty much killed this one… as well as the one below:

“Intercepted..Don’t sleep on Barry O… Don’t ever sleep on Barry O.”

Thanks TJ for the Video.

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Terry Bradshaw: Looks Like Reggie Bush Was “Chasing That Bucket of Chicken”

Terry Bradshaw’s comments are about as racist as this picture:

But who cares, It’s Terry Bradshaw. We love him, he’s harmless.