Brock Holt, Does Everything.

What can’t this guy do? No doubt in my mind he walks around the clubhouse with the baby arm hanging out.. guys call him “Cock Holt”, and “Holt Forty Five” to name a few.

Here he is bailing out Gomes last night:

Heres a few more for your viewing pleasure

This Guy Packed a Football Full of Drugs to Throw over a Prison Fence….Buutt He Couldn’t Throw It Far Enough.


JACKSON, MI – A Detroit man who police believe attempted to throw a football containing drugs and cell phones to inmates over a fence at a Jackson prison Sunday, June 15, has been arraigned on three charges. Christen Deon-Sterling Moore, 22, was arraigned in front of Jackson County District Judge Joseph Filip on Tuesday, June 17, on two counts of furnishing contraband to a prisoner in prison and one count of furnishing a cell phone to a prisoner. Michigan State Police Detective Trooper Toby Baker said Moore was seen throwing a football over a fence at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility on Sunday morning by Michigan Department of Corrections officers. The football landed between two rows of fences and did not reach any inmates




Bow wow, you should have remembered your jordans bro:

We all know this kid, every sport every ball..For example, playing a little stick ball in the tennis courts growing up; someone cranks the ball over the fence.. one dude runs out to get it and tries to strong arm it, off the top of the fence every time. Painful to watch, instead of the two second jog back into the tennis court this guy relives all of his fathers missteps in teaching him how to throw a fucking ball.. it’s a vicious circle.. hate to see it, love to see it type ordeal..


How Dead is Russias Goalkeeper?

Uhhh so anyone wanna address the elephant in the room? How dead is this guy?

This is the look of a man with Putin on the mind:

goalie2 goalie

But why? I feel like Putin is a calm, steady keep it cool type of President ya know?

putinwoods putinputin putinkarate putinbird putin putin mad putinwoods putinbird


Fan Reactions to USA Game Winner.

Even if you’ve not once played the sport, don’t know the game, the Red White and Blue take it to another level.. its no longer sport its country and if there’s anything I can get behind it’s sure as hell the ol U S of A. Fly those stars and stripes boys we’re coming for you Portugal.




Great Reaction by this Reporter, Questionable Attire.

Heres the question, did this guy buy the bike jersey for this moment specifically, or is he the exact biker stereotype we all know and hate who clears the right lane and backs up traffic for 40 miles so he can feel the sick burn in his quads 4 days a week?

PS love the bro in the bandana getting rejected time and time again for high-fives..You can see the vegan cheeseburgers radiating off of him.

72 year old Hunter, survives 19 days in Wild.

Sf Gate Gene Penaflor woke up facedown and bloody in a remote canyon in Mendocino National Forest. Even worse, he was lost.
It was a situation that the 72-year-old San Francisco man couldn’t have anticipated when he went hunting last month with a buddy. But it was one that he was uniquely prepared for, his friends and family said Monday.

Alright first off, this guy is 72; fragility after 60 is through the roof. this guy fell, got knocked out and still survived with just a rifle for 19 days. 19 days? That is a long fuckin’ time to be trapped in the woods. I know people that you could pack a lunchbox for and a set them a tent with a nice fire and they’d be dead in 3 hours in the wild.

If it were me I’d be wearing a bison skin suit 35 minutes in, going lord of the flies on those woods. I know how this shit works, especially with a rifle “you drew first blood” bitches. I wouldn’t even want them to rescue me, start a new colony right there in the woods I mean shit at 19 days id be like fuck you guys I haven’t seen any rescue teams clearly they’re not trying hard enough.

This guy had bullets left over, how badass is that. Yeah I only had to take like 3 shots in those 19 days clipped a bobcat finished it off with my hands. Think this guys too old for a bullet necklace? Think again.

It’s your world gene, we’re just living in it.

Tommy Tuberville Bitch Slapping His Assistant

Tommy T does not fuck around.. This is all over the internet.. so lawsuit and fine to Tommy are inevitable. This kid just tucks it back and walks away, You are already a grad  assistant bro, cant go much lower than that. Swing away Tommy swing away.

Halloween BYU Football Player Brawl… Great Footage

2nd view:

Wow, thats just Mormons being mormons I guess.. BYU

Mark Wahlberg Gets the Lead Role In Transformers 4

Yahoo Mark Wahlberg has proven through the years that one can shake a youthful image–such as a buff white rapper–and become a successful actor with several high-profile film credits under his name. Now it looks like he’s going to add a big-budget action flick to his resume, despite the director’s original denials.

What can Wahlberg do wrong?  We all know about his past as Marky Mark; addicted to coke at 13, beating up police and other people blah blah blah.. He escaped that; Escaped his awful hair choices over the years i.e Vince Papale in Invincible etc etc. Its hard not to like the guy, but damn He is owning it.. what can he not do?

Best Friends with Teddy Bear – Ted

Cop – We own the night/The Other Guys

Police Sargent – The Departed

Retired Marine – Shooter

Porn Star – Boogie Nights

Rock StarRock Star

Bodybuilder – Pain and gain

Fisherman – The Perfect Storm

Killer – Fear

Athlete – Invincible

High School Basketball Player – The Basketball Diaries

Plus lets not forget he was the producer of Entourage and Boardwalk Empire!

Are you shittin me Wahlberg? The list goes on! My fingers just got tired of typing.. jeez Marky Mark send some of those sky miles my way.

Optimus Chachy

Wow! 5 Friends Take The Same Picture For 30 Years!

These 5 friends have taken the same picture for the past 30 years on their annual lake trip! Oh wait; they’ve taken it every 5 years for the past 30? Ohh so you mean they’ve only made it out to the lake 6 times in 30 years?

“Man, what happened? We used to go every summer! Man oh man, times they are a changing.”

Nevertheless pretty impressive! I wonder if the two guys on the left have  looked like serial killers 30 years ago too!


Which is the Better of Two Evils


DM – Democrat candidate attacked for having ‘disturbing double life‘ as an orc assassin in World of Warcraft wins key battleground district

It turns out most voters don’t see a history of killing dragons in your free time as an impediment to holding office. 

Despite a campaign Maine Democrat state senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz as leading a ‘disturbing double life’ because she played the video game World of Warcraft, Lachowicz handily won the election Tuesday.

First off, This is totally this lady: 

I’m a little partial here, These lord of the rings; World of Warcraft weirdos literally live in this second life and will do anything and everything to keep it going including steal money in real life/hack bank accounts (still bitter) etc.  So if I am in Maine, this lady would never get my vote; unless of course this guy Martin is running. I don’t know what it is but I feel as though anyone running for office should not have a chinstrap, never trust a guy with a chinstrap little rule i live by, never guided me the wrong way either.

Kid Finds Parents’ $4100 Life Savings… Spends It On Candy.

A 9-year-old Ukrainian boy spent nearly $4,000 on candy in several days, the money coming from his parents’ savings hidden in a couch, he recieved help from an older mentally challenged guy to convert the money. The older guy always got a tip. 

Are you shitting me buddy? We have people throwing acid in kids eyes for looking at boys and this little mother fucker eats 4,000 dollars worth of candy and gets a slap on the wrist?  I would have a beheading video out by now. Hey Little Timmy its fasting Friday, Get in the hole.

But, on this kids side of things; who hides $4,000 dollars in the fucking couch?