End The Lockout.

Wow this video is fucking awesome, perfectly puts it into perspective, I dont have to say much more, just letting this video speak for itself. However, To kick Gary Bettman in the face, sign your name: http://www.change.org/nolockout.

American couple finally allowed to adopt three Russian Business Opportunities.

DM – They fought tirelessly for the last two years to give three Russian orphans a loving home and family.

Finally after jumping through many hoops, Kim and Alan Clark were able to bring the Siberian girls back to America.

The Clarks, from Tennessee, were first made aware of the plight of orphans in China and Russia.

Mr Clark described to The Tennessean that it was like a calling for his wife of 26 years to go and find them a daughter. Little did they know that three daughters would be coming back with them after much tireless work on their part.

The sisters they came to adopt were Kristina, 13, Nastia, 11, and Natasha, nine. At first the government and agencies said no five times, in part because of the case of Artem Hansen – who was adopted from Russia in 2009 before being put alone on a plane back to Russia less than a year later.

Looks like the Clarks just got a head start on Rio De Janeiro 2016, Their next venture is to “adopt” two fifteen year old  Chinese twins who  got an early start as pole vaulters just looking for a meal.

I know what you’re up to Clark Family, Cant pull one over on me… this story sounds eerily familiar.  Tennessee families just doing work:

Projected: Top 5 Fantasy Player of the week. Week 1.


Set your rosters cause Cam Newton is coming in hot. The panthers open up their season against the Buccaneers and you better believe Cam is putting up points in the  high 20’s. I am going to say on average between most leagues 27.5, He is going to bring it down on that Bucs D.

Cam is followed by

#2 Aaron Rodgers

#3 Lesean McCoy

#4 Tom Brady

#5 Phillip Rivers

EA Sports NHL 13. What’s Missing?

PuckDocktor – Once upon a time a friend of my family was commissioned to be the graphic artist for Wayne Gretzky Hockey by Bethesda Softworks. Not realizing the magnitude of the situation, or the possibility of venturing into the world of software creation all my 14-year-old brain could muster was, “Cool.”

26 years later the world of video games has changed immeasurably. Remember folks, Marty McFly was supposed to be time travelling to 2015 back in those days. We still don’t have the flying cars or hoverboards, but by golly we’ve got some virtual reality and gaming like we’ve never seen before.

There is no arguing that EA Sports is the king of the gaming software. The Madden football franchise alone dominates like no other sports games in history. It’s because of Madden’s initial success that the brand was able to branch out and tackle (pun intended) all of our other favorite sports. FIFA soccer/football now rivals Madden on the global scale as the world’s most popular sport can be played virtually on any gaming system.

My favorite has always been the NHL series. Since the Sega Genesis days, my calendar has always been marked with the latest EA Sports release of their hockey game. This year’s entry drops on September 11, and promises to be the best game to date. Well, of course it does. Were you expecting to hear EA tout this year’s version as “comparable to last year’s game, but the graphics are a little choppier and the game tends to freeze?” Probably not the best marketing strategy, eh?

Usually I’ll read up or look at trailers or even play the demo. This year I decided to throw caution to the wind, give EA the benefit of the doubt (I think they’ve earned it) and just buy the game sight unseen. They have only disappointed me once before (2008) and I’m going to assume that there have been upgrades.

So that brings me to the point of these words. There are certain things I want in the game that have to eventually get done. I will list them for you, and tell you why they are important to me.

1. Playoff beards-The NHL 2K series added them to one of their games and it would make sense as beards would fill in come playoff time. The attention to detail would mean that Crosby could only grow the porn-stache and Toews, the mutton chops.

2. Zambonis– Do I have to explain why? Who doesn’t love a zamboni? Especially if you had someone launching t-shirts off of one.

3. More accurate goal horns/songs– They are moving closer to this, and I’m not sure if they have made the adjustment, but I know in NHL 12 not all the horns were accurate.

4. Adjust the fighting
– There needs to just be a “drop the gloves” button where you can pick a fight with someone after a stoppage. At least have an option for it that can be adjusted. Who wouldn’t go after Crosby or Lucic if they had the chance? Also, wouldn’t hurt to throw in some blood. Make that an option so you don’t have to adjust the rating. Another footnote. Every fight does not require a knockout, in fact KO’s are pretty rare.

5. Mullets-It’s not hockey if you can’t slap a mullet on any player.

6. Incorporate TSN into the game somehow – It doesn’t have to be a full fledged studio show. Just make sure Pierre McGuire is in no way involved. Please!

7. More coach involvement--Cut away to the coach after a goal or a penalty. Also would be nice to fire a coach if you don’t like him.

8. Octopi– Fans in specific arenas throw team appropriate items onto the ice. The Red Wings octopus is a huge tradition. Nashville has emulated by chucking catfish onto the ice. Rats in Florida. Human limbs in Philly, you get the idea.

9. Referees – It’s a detail thing, but it would be nice to have the referees take a larger role, especially when breaking up a fight.

10. Stanley Cup celebration – C’mon for Pete’s sake you just won the Stanley Cup! How about an on ice celebration where you can skate around with the cup for a little bit? Let the crowd go crazy(if it’s a home win) and soak in the moment.

This Guy absolutely Nailed it, 100 percent.. things I have noticed but not given enough thought. Tell me you wouldn’t be playing Tournament mode a whole lot more if you knew you could celebrate on ice or Drive a Zamboni and launch shirts into the crowd, its like NHL meets “Twisted Metal”. The fighting also, they need to step it up…give it full functionality let it go the distance not a few pumps and your done. bloody it up. Im not saying Cam Neely vs Shayne Corson, but C’mon man spice it up a little.

What Does A Lockout Mean For The Canes?

SI – NEW YORK (AP) — The NHL and NHLPA remained at an impasse in the latest round of collective bargaining talks as the deadline for a lockout looms. The players’ association took issue Wednesday with the latest NHL proposal that commissioner Gary Bettman called “meaningful” and “significant.” Donald Fehr, the NHLPA’s executive director, and his assistants have broken down Bettman’s latest offering. Fehr is expected to make a counterproposal as early as Thursday.

The two sides are at odds over hockey-related revenue. The league wants to knock down the players’ percentage to 46. The players’ share of HRR was 57 percent last season. Fehr said changes in how HRR is calculated would see the amount of money players give up to escrow increase “significantly.” Under the NHL’s proposal, the union said current contracts would not be paid in full.

“From a players’ standpoint, you should understand, it doesn’t make much of a difference,” Fehr said Wednesday. “Should the player not get the dollar value that is on his contract because there is a rollback, which is simply a name for crossing out one number and writing in another, or whether he doesn’t get an amount because there is escrow, he still doesn’t get it.”

The current CBA expires Sept. 15 and the league has said it will lock the players out if a new agreement isn’t in place by then. Bettman says he’s content to wait for that aforementioned response from the union, but declared that players shouldn’t feel any “entitlement” to 57 percent of revenues.

“We want the cup” a chant we haven’t realistically heard in Carolina since 05-06.  Following the last NHL lockout, the Canes battled the rankings to defeat the Habs, Devils and Sabers only to face Edmonton in the Stanley Cup Final. Through six grueling games the Hurricanes found themselves heading back home in a forced game 7. The rest is history.

This post season, the Canes have made all the right moves in building a championship worthy roster. Personally I would hate to see a lockout however, if it came to that the canes would double their time to increase chemistry with new recruits and hone their on ice plans to bring the cup back to the south.

Lockout or not the canes have a real shot, will they make history for a second time?

You Shut that Jew Mouth of Yours! or I’m Gonna Staple it Shut”

DM – Religion does not seem to have been a factor in the vicious assault on a Jewish college student, police said.

East Lansing police Captain Jeff Murphy said there was no dispute that Zach Tennen, 19, was seriously assaulted in the early hours of Sunday and suffered a broken jaw.

However the police chief said witnesses have not confirmed Tennen’s account that he attacked after being asked if he was Jewish at a party close to Michigan State University campus. Detectives also have no evidence that Tennen’s mouth was stapled during the attack as he claimed. 

Earlier this week, Zach Tennen said he was set upon by two men who asked if he was Jewish. 

The attackers, who claimed to be Ku Klux Klan, then raised their arms in a Nazi salute, saying ‘Heil Hitler‘ and began hitting the teenager. 

Zach said that while he was passed out, the attackers managed to staple through his gums. 

He said: ‘It was coming up in my two bottom teeth and it started in my gum, so, somehow they managed to staple it.’

Okay I’m not discounting this story at all, like man… I am sorry you got your jaw busted and while you were knocked out someone from “the KKK stapled your mouth shut”.. but don’t tell me this kid doesn’t look like a kid that would say people discriminated and beat him because he was a Jew.  C’mon bro its not 1942 your in east Lansing… Yeah Michigan sucks but its not east Germany. If you’re running your mouth at a college party things happen.


Vicious assault: Zach Tennen, 19, was recovering at home near Detroit, after he was beaten by two men in an apparent anti-Semitic attack



I dont know why but this asian kid is singing this Kanye song and all i can hear is Lunch Lady Land

youre welcome

LA Cop Goes Triple H on Some Lady.

DM – A shocking video shows the moment two Los Angeles Police Department officers apparently grabbed a female motorist and bodyslammed her twice to the ground in a parking lot.

Michelle Jordan, a 34-year-old mother and registered nurse, sustained horrific bruising and cuts in the attack, which took place after she was pulled over for talking on her mobile phone.

The brutal arrest was captured by a surveillance camera after the officers followed her car into a Del Taco restaurant parking lot in the Tujunga area on August 11.



This guy clearly went on a Monday Night Raw marathon after his girlfriend broke up with him. Either that was a fist bump or he was tagging in his buddy. Either way time to hang up the degeneration X shirt heartbreak kid, Someones taking you to the thunderdome this weekend.

I rate this cops body slam a 3 1/2. Lets face it if your going to the show you go to the fucking show.

Civil War Wednesday’s – South Blog

Joke gone wrong: Mr Seng had been unable to bore an air-hole in the thick cardboard

DM – A fun-loving boyfriend decided to surprise his partner by posting her an unusual present – himself.
But the joke went horribly wrong when the delivery was delayed and he almost suffocated to death.
Hu Seng, from Chongqing city, southern China, got a friend to tape him into a box, which he had paid a courier firm to deliver to his partner, Li Wang.

Should’ve got the oxygen add-on bro, 55 cents extra.

China just going hard in the paint, not even an anniversary or anything.. dude just almost killed himself and wouldn’t even punch a hole in the box as hes struggling for air. (didn’t want to ruin the surprise)  are you fucking kidding me.

The surprising thing to me is not that this dude tried to mail himself to his girlfriend as a joke, certainly not that he got lost in the mail and almost died.. but the fact that his buddy waited outside of the apartment for 3 hours. that’s dedication… after that first 45 minutes you could find me on the couch playing a little madden cause I have better things to do on my day off.
and apparently this guys girlfriend is: Lil Wang

solely based on pronunciation.

Kid Trapped in United Arab Empire. BULLSHIT

HUFFINGTON POST – Joe Thompson, the young British boy stranded in the UAE due to an overwhelming fear of flyinghas yet to leave the country as he is now afraid of all types of travel, reports The National.

“Joe’s in an emotional mess and needs help,” his father Tony Thompson told Daily Mail. “Until then, we’ll have to remain here…It could now be weeks or months before we’re ready to try again to get him home.”

Multiple attempts at leaving the UAE via land routes and a shot and flying with Thompson sedated proved fruitless, and only stressed the boy more. “With all the discussions, dramas and changes of plans, Joe simply lost it, and won’t get in any form of transport,” said the elder Thompson to Daily Mail.

Okay little Joey Thompson, first off i’m calling bullshit. You once LOVED flying wake up and its the last day of vacation and you go into lock down? Don’t worry little guy, we all try to escape reality once in a while. Crank down a few Valiums and a virgin pina colada and roll with it.  My parents would whoop my ass if I pulled a stunt like this, instead this kid and his dad are playing real life Oregon trail through war zones… heres a tip.. Al Qaeda don’t like gingers… How’s that airplane look now? If i’m this kids dad bet your ass  i’m calling animal control to take him out with a tranquilizer… game set match Joey Thompson, game set match…see you at the baggage claim.

This Fuckin Guy. Coming in Hot With the Korean “Call Me Maybe”

This guy must just run shit in Korea. Only in Korea could you run shit and be like this guy though. You know he’s crushing all the best food, drinks and women/Men…cant really get a grasp on that part of things yet. I don’t know how they do it in Korea, but Kim Jong Il‘s son has some moves.

PS That Little kid wiling out just put Korea on the map. Little Fuckin Jabbawockee.

Psy and Ken Jeong from the Hangover….. See the resemblance?

You try to fuck on meeeee?

Is Tim Tebow Retarded?

How do you not pull for this guy, every game i watch i like him more, hes got a great presence on the field, great story and hes built an empire before his 2nd year.

I mean i’m pulling for ya’ Timmy boy but these post game interviews are not helping your cause. I see your lips moving but all I hear is ” yeah sure, I like dinosaurs and movies and popsicles oh oh and I like Cinderella and applesauce.”  You never go full retard Tim…. NEVER. Come on man.

Seems Familiar:

Top 5 Defensive Players to Watch in the 2012-13 NCAA Football Season

TOP 5 Offensive College Athletes to Watch in 2012-13


Jelani Jenkins LB FLORIDA

Sylvester Williams  DT UNC

Sam Montgomery DE LSU

David Amerson, CB NC STATE


Tyrann Mathieu. LSU CB  

Top 5 Offensive Players 2012-13 NCAA Football Season

TOP 5 Offensive College Athletes to Watch in 2012-13


Matt Barkley, QB USC (Trojans)

Keenan Allen, WR UCLA

Giovani Bernard,  RB UNC

Marcus Lattimore, RB USC (GameCocks)

Barrett Jones, OL ALABAMA

Denard Robinson, QB MICHIGAN


College Kickoff: Why State Will Beat Tennessee

State is starting this season with an experienced group of athletes. 6’6 230 lb Glennon is back with a vengence. He wants to go to the show and he is good enough to get there. He will be a premier QB in college football this year. Tennessee is long out of the SEC title race, they have a sub par defense which has undergone so many changes and lack team chemistry. Although State has younger under experienced line backers the boys up front can hold their own. There is a lot to prove for both sides but state will pull it out.

Or you can listen to this kid:

Judging by the wall decals he is a legitimate fan.

Russell Wilson gets the start for the Seahawks.

SEATTLE – Wilson has beaten the odds and won the starting job over Matt Flynn, the quarterback GM John Schneider brought in from Green Bay during free agency. With a contract that guarantees him $10 million, Flynn may now be one of the more expensive backup quarterbacks, but Carroll said money “doesn’t matter to me and I don’t want that to matter to me.”

Wilson, 23, outshined Flynn in the first two preseason games, and was an exciting sight during Friday’s third preseason matchup as Flynn sat the game out with a sore elbow. (Carroll told 710 ESPN Seattle’s Brock Huard and Mike Salk that Flynn just has “some inflammation” and should be fine.) After Wilson’s stellar performances, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Carroll made the quarterback announcement on Sunday.

“There’s just a story here to this kid. He’s done a marvelous job entering this program,” Carroll said on the “Brock and Salk” show. “He’s just way beyond his years.”

“When he’s played,” Carroll added, “it’s just been dynamic.”

I thought for sure Russell Wilson would be a better quarter back than Flynn and I knew at some point this season he would take the starting role… I never thought it would be in the first game of the season.. However, in retrospect how dare I deny Russell, this guy defies the odds always, its just what he does. You tell him he can’t do something he does it twice, you give him an opportunity he soaks every bit of it up and exceeds your expectations. Russell Wilson is a doer the guy is built for success however, this Seahawks team is a true test, I am pumped to see where this season goes. Thank goodness the fucking NFL is back.  Its the Catalina wine mixer.

PS wow it sucks seeing 23 next to Russell Wilsons name.  Next you’re going to tell me the guy has a bigger dick than me. This guy is younger than I am yet its me acting like a school girl when I pick him for my back up in Fantasy Football.

Breaking: First sight of Snooki’s Baby.

USA TODAY- Snooki has delivered — and not just ratings!

MTV’s beach-bunny reality star, Snooki of Jersey Shore, gave birth to her first child, a boy, in New Jersey just before 3 a.m. today. Reports that she had gone into labor emerged late Saturday.

MTV reported on its websitethat Nicole Polizzi‘s baby was born at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, N.J. Lorenzo Dominic LaValle weighed 6 pounds, 5 ounces. Snooki’s fiance, Jionni LaValle, was with her.

Well, its what we have all been waiting for…. Here is the first shot of Snooki’s baby boy Lorenzo Dominic LaValle:

Im a Baby.

A witness in the labor room reports that the baby walked out standing upright. Congratulations to the new mom and baby. Godspeed.

Roger Clemens Life Reminds me of Something.

“You’re Fuckin’ Out.”

LA TIMES –   Roger Clemens threw 3 1/3 innings, giving up only one hit, striking out two and walking none for the Sugar Land Skeeters on Saturday night.

Not a bad outing for a 50-year-old man who hasn’t pitched for a team in five years and has become more known to some as the guy who was charged with lying to Congress about alleged steroid use (he was acquitted in June).

Hate to say it, but the Rocket just doesn’t sound the same when the “heat” you’re throwing is a smooth 83. This type of shit might last in Manitoba but bring that to the big leagues and Clemens Geriatric ass is moral support at best. Needlessto say this scenario delivers an eerie resemblance to another national hero: