Ray Allen “Hey KG”.. KG “Nope”


Anyone who says this is a childish move is an Idiot. KG has made it known Ray Allen is dead to him, that’s Allens fault for trying to be Mr. Nice guy, no room for that in sports. This is competition. Garnett has fans to protect and hes standing up for the city of Boston. When you’re a leader that’s just what you do.. Ray Ray made his bed, now hes got to lay in it.

3 thoughts on “Ray Allen “Hey KG”.. KG “Nope””

  1. Actually its not… Its called SportsManship… At the end of the day it is a business he did what was best for him. Just like Shaq left Orlando for L.A. Lebron left Cleveland for Miami. Ray left for Boston for Miami. It’s all business!! Im sure you heard about James Harden leaving OKC for once again it’s all a business. K.G. being a Veteran and leader that he is should have stepped up shook hands and that was it. That was childish bro…
    Point Blank Period.


  2. Right* ;0)

    Semi childish. But this is competition not sunshine and rainbows. For those who know KG’s personality, we understand how he is. Ray being one of those people, knew what he was doing and he was trying to make KG look foolish because he knew he would react like that. In the same respect I am sure KG thought Ray should know better especially after the comments publicly made by Garnett. So I agree it is semi childish to react that way, KG is a fierce competitor and who says sportsmanship is for everyone. We play to win I keep friendship to off the court… just business bro.


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