Terrell Owens To Jets: ‘I’m Available!’; Rex Won’t Rule Out Veteran

So this broke ass 40 something is still at it.  This guy has burned every bridge imaginable in the NFL and even been cut by the “Allen Wranglers” an arena football league, yet he still thinks he has a shot.  Not to mention IF he had some ability left, he drops balls like its his job, which his job is to really catch…you get it.   If the Jets entertain this even for one second (which it looks like the might) they are more of a joke than we thought.

TO Tweeted:

“Hey JETS!!! I’m available! I’m ready, willing & able!” T.O. wrote. “Call my agent @jordanwoy & let’s make it happen.” 

Let me de-code that for everyone “I spent all my money like and idiot and I need a job!”

This just shows the state of the Jets and how truly stupid Rex Ryan is.  When asked if he would be interested in bringing back veteran Plaxico Burress,  Rex  said the Jets were looking “for guys maybe a little younger and a little more speed.” Burress is 35 years old. Owens will turn 39 in December.  Yet later on when asked about the possibilities of bringing TO on Sexy Rexy responded with, “You never say never, will look at all options.” Did you even listen to what you just said moron?!

Anyway Jets stink, Rex is an idiot, and one more celebrity athlete is broke looking for a job.  So nothings really changed in the NFL today.


Author: Daniel

Blogger Not Left, Logical, Facts not Feelings. Looking to bring awareness of this issues facing the world today with an emphasis on PTSD and Gold Star Families

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