Felix Baumgartner postpones supersonic jump due to gusty winds

God I hope this gives him time to re-think this.  I promise I will not say I told you so, but I dont like this at all.  AT ALL.

Fox – Felix Baumgartner postponed his death-defying, 23-mile free fall into the southeastern New Mexico desert on Tueday due to strong winds.

He hopes to become the first skydiver to break the sound barrier.

The planned early morning launch had been delayed earlier by high winds. But shortly before 11 a.m. MDT, the 43-year-old former military parachutist from Austria entered his capsule and crews were expected to begin the hour-long process of filling the 55-story, ultra-thin and easy-to-tear helium balloon that was to take him into the stratosphere for the jump.

Those plans were in question before sunrise, when winds at 700 feet above ground — the top of the balloon — were 20 mph, far above the 3 mph maximum for a safe launch, said mission meteorologist Don Day.

‘Fear has become a friend of mine. It’s what prevents me from stepping too far over the line.’

– Felix Baumgartner

After sunrise, Day said there were indications the upper level winds might calm, so the team pushed the launch window from 10 a.m. to noon at the latest — and at the very last minute, with Felix in the capsule and dangling from a crane below his mammoth helium balloon, the jump was cancelled.

Author: Daniel

Blogger Not Left, Logical, Facts not Feelings. Looking to bring awareness of this issues facing the world today with an emphasis on PTSD and Gold Star Families

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