Thinking Cap 3: Boras Ruins America

As I sit here and watch the Washington National pitching staff make the Cardinals look like “Murderer’s Row,” I can’t help but become furious. My blood is literally boiling.  The simple two word reason as to what is disturbing me to this level- Stephen Strasburg. Or is it actually Scott Boras? Not that simple I guess.

Strasburg, the upstart National’s young stud, is the face of the franchise. He’s their ace. Their guy.  And yet, as the Nationals forge into their first playoff series since 1933, the right handed flame thrower might as well be hawking Cracker Jacks in the stands. (“Actually Sargey, tossing the delicious, caramel covered snack to patrons in the crowd could cause added stress to Stevie’s [that’s probably what he calls Strasburg, Stevie{wow, brackets inside parenthesis, he’s lost his mind!}] throwing arm. No can do.”- Scott Boras)

Strasburg has been shut down by the Nat’s. They claim they are looking out for his future and want to care of their power pitcher’s surgically repaired arm to the best of their ability. Bull shit! “Bullshit!” I say. This is just another example of Scott “The Snake” Boras strangling baseball to death. (Sorry, I was just watching “Anaconda,” and had to get it in somehow. Voit!)

Strasburg is an elite athlete. He has been his entire life. What do elite athletes do? They compete, god damnit! They compete at the highest possible level. Like, uhh, the MLB Playoffs? Ding ding!

But Boras won’t have it. He has to ensure that Strasburg remains healthy leading up to his next contract, which will be ginormous and might I add -NOT WITH THE NATIONALS!

National fans are pouring their heart and soul into this team. Finally they have baseball in October. For a baseball fan, October baseball is what its all about. And unlike fans of other sports, we watch a hundred and sixty two games that all lead up to this. Now they have it. And this money hungry bastard is making them go it without their man.

Would Smalls, Porter and the other boys had gone to play the little league baseball version of the Socs without Benny?

No, because Benny hadn’t met Scott Boras yet.

Get real!


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