The 5 Different Types of Sluts

1.  The Slut Who Genuinely Loves Sex – Thisis the true definition of “slut”: a woman who loves sex and ain’t nobody going to stop her from getting what she wants.

2.  The Slut Who Sleeps Around To Find Self-Esteem – The one that sleeps around because you think it will make your people like you.  These sluts have lots of sex partners and/or lots of sex, but don’t enjoy themselves 😦

3. The Rebellious Slut –  It’s hard to say. Maybe this is something she genuinely wants to do. Maybe this is something she’s just doing to piss people off.  Either way we solute you!

4. The “Like A Virgin” Slut –  Maybe this slut just came out of the closet. Maybe she just realized she’s into whips and chains.  Maybe she’s found a position that finally feels good. Or maybe she’s slept with a guy who is finally doing it right. Whatever her case, she’s f**king because everything is shiny and new and she just can’t get enough! The novelty may eventually wear off … but then again, it may not. And that’s OK, too!

5.  The Slut Who Sleeps Around To Get Ahead – This slut pretends shes attracted to power, but deep down shes doing this in the hopes it propels her from the bottom to the top (pun intended).


Author: Daniel

Blogger Not Left, Logical, Facts not Feelings. Looking to bring awareness of this issues facing the world today with an emphasis on PTSD and Gold Star Families

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