Does Romo Really Suck?


I mean dont get me wrong 5 picks in a game is god awful AND this isnt the first time he’s thrown 5 picks.  (2007 against Buffalo and he actually won 25-24!)  Now back to the question…does Romo really suck?  I have always said there’s a fine line when it comes to individual efforts from QB’s.  Now dont get me wrong here there are plenty that shine above the rest, but we all have to remember that this is a TEAM GAME.  There are a million moving parts to a game and especially to the QB position.

Lets start earlier in the week…Did Dallas come in with the wrong game plan?  Many great teams have lost to inferior teams because they were out coached and out game planned, ask the Patriots all about it.  Next, did Dez really let him down?  Im gonna throw 40% of the blame on Dez, he looked terrible in spots.  Now, did his line hold up?  Im gonna throw 25% on his line as he was under the gun all night.  Also, which could be partially game planning, they could not run the ball worth a shit.  Finally Romo, he threw some pretty terrible balls and forced a lot of things where a better QB would not have.  I think with the line sucking, Dez sucking and a pretty bad game plan Romo was swimming upstream from jump street.  Also the fact that he sucks doesnt help much either 🙂

Bottom line – Its easy to jump all over an individual player for sucking or “doing great”, but we have to factor in many other key elements.  Did Montana make Rice or did Rice make Montana?  I mean there are certain players we know make themselves, Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson to name a couple.  Either way in this case I dont think it matters and Im saying Romo does suck, but a little food for thought.



Author: Daniel

Blogger Not Left, Logical, Facts not Feelings. Looking to bring awareness of this issues facing the world today with an emphasis on PTSD and Gold Star Families

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