Ryder Cup: Golfers Suck at High Fiving

Just a few takeaways from this years Ryder Cup

10.  Tiger Woods is good.  People want to point out his record during the Ryder Cup.  When it came down to it he played lights out.  He just ran into a nuclear hot Dutchmen on day two.

9.  Phil Mickelson is an extremely awkward celebrator.  Thumbs ups and mini fist pumps for everyone!!!

8.  Rory is really really good.  Unfazed by an obviously late night in Chitown,  he shows up 10 minutes before his tee time and hands Keegan Bradley an ass whooping.

7.  Bubba Watson walks weird.

6.  Getting “fired up” doesn’t make you golf better.  It makes middle linebackers hit hard, it doesn’t make 20 yard flop shots land softer.

5.  Duffner is the man.

4.  Zach Johnson is a dork.

3.  How is Miguel Angel Jimenez good at anything?  He’s got 5 years left on this planet tops.

2.  These guys are really that good.  Did you see some of these par 3’s?  244 yards over a lake….

1.  Golfers SUCK at high fiving.  They miss completely, they short them, they long them, they offer pounds into slaps, slaps into pounds.  Its uncomfortable and usually (for me anyway) takes away from an amazing shot.  Seriously if I was the Ryder cup captain in 4 years, I would hold a 2 hour seminar on the do’s and dont’s of high fiving.  Just me.


Author: Daniel

Blogger Not Left, Logical, Facts not Feelings. Looking to bring awareness of this issues facing the world today with an emphasis on PTSD and Gold Star Families

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